Listed below are some of the projects Friends have undertaken over the years.

    Projects for 2015   See Gallery at the bottom of this page.

    A group of local volunteers have started two major projects at Arundells.   The Laundry Room has been cleared, cupboards emptied and refilled with useable materials, the walls and floor have been washed down ready for repainting.  The photos below show the Utility room cleared but before repainting.


    The other project the volunteers are keen to get started on is the old walled vegetable garden.   Since Sir Edward passed away in 2005 it has gradually deteriorated, and is now a mass of weeds and unruly compost heaps.   Where do we start?   Well, of course, at the beginning.   A small group of volunteers have discussed this project with the Curator, and a work plan has been set up.   With this in mind and weather permitting, volunteers will meet at Arundells every Tuesday to give a few hours of their time to help clear the garden.   The photographs show the kitchen garden as it is now.  The plan is to grass it over and use it as a possible picnic area.


    At the end of 2013 a core group of local volunteers sorted, catalogued and categorised Sir Edward's large library of books (approximately 4000 of them).  The bookcases were cleaned and made ready for their return, as can be seen in the photographs below.   This project involved cataloguing each one and the information computerised onto a memory pen and finally handed over to the House Curator for future reference.The book project took some 480-500 volunteer hours over 20 days to be completed, and the job was done well before the reopening of the house to the public on the 24th March 2014.
         A volunteer re-shelving  books that have been dusted                                    A volunteer sorting and cataloguing books
                                           and catalogued                                                                                                                                                                                              

                                                                          The finished bookcases in Sir Edward's Study

    Two other volunteers, John and Ron, have been busy repainting the railings at the bottom of the garden by the confluence of the Rivers Avon and Nadder.   When these are finished, the railings and large gates at the front of the house will need cleaning and repainting

          John and Ron painting the railings at the bottom of the
                                 and John painting the ironwork outside
                    garden by the rivers Avon and Nadder                                                     Sir Edward's Study

    The garden furniture will soon be re-oiled, and there are a number of other projects in the pipeline to be done this coming summer.

    The beautiful two acre garden has recently received a lot of maintenance work this Spring.  Some of the large trees and shrubs have been pruned ready for 2014, and the lawns are immaculate, ready for visitors to stroll down to the rivers and admire the beautiful garden vistas and Cathedral views.   Our small team of volunteer gardeners spend a few hours each week through the season deadheading and weeding and keeping the borders looking nice, they also have an opportunity to chat to visitors that come from as far afield as China and Japan.

               Part of the garden with a volunteer gardener in the background                            One of the garden "side rooms"

    We do need more volunteers to join our team to help with these very important projects, we are a very friendly and happy group but need to expand our numbers.   If you have some time to spare, and would like to join us please contact us either through this website, or at the house itself, asking for one of the Friends of Arundells,  we will be very pleased to hear from you.