Arundells - the front of the house                            The Cathedral spire,  seen from the gardens

        Part of the gardens & rear of the house                 The Drawing Room - Sir Edward's piano on the left

    Arundells volunteers helping at an Afternoon Tea in the garden





                                          MC3 Bow section in the Dell                                         Sir Ben speaks                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

                                  Sir Ben Ainslie unveils the bow section of Morning Cloud 3 at Arundells on the 15th May 2015   

                         Jonathan Chadd speaks on behalf of the family           The Bishop of Salisbury delivers his blessing, quoting
                                                                                                            Psalm 107 and the Prayer of Sir Francis Drake

                 Sir Ben Ainslie, Sally Tattersall, The Bishop of Salisbury    Lord David Hunt, Margaret Chadd, and Sir Ben Ainslie
                 Margaret Chadd,Jonathan Chadd, Nicholas (Sam) Chadd

                   Lord David Hunt, Sir Ben Ainslie, John Glen MP,                Former crew of Morning Cloud Mark Dowland,
                                     The Bishop of Salisbury                                 Ian Lallow, Colin Turner, John Arthur, Duncan Kay                                  




         Members of the The Friends of Arundells on their first day as volunteer room stewards
       at the house on Thursday 29th March 2012 (pictures above and below)



     The Friends volunteer Malcolm playing for visitors as they tour the drawing room.
      (Photograph courtesy of Neil Crick)

    Peter Batey OBE outside Arundells - February 2013

     Picture courtesy of Salisbury Newspapers 

    Sir Edward Heath and Peter Batey OBE
    Photograph taken in the 1980's

    Volunteer Jean in the garden

    Ann and Gill tidying up one of the borders

           A view of Arundells from the air


    Malcolm and Sally with the bow of Morning Cloud III which sank in The Solent. 
    Hopefully this piece of history will be will be displayed in the gardens of Arundells.

    Peter Batey and Neil Carmichael MP with
    Bob Hayes Deputy Chairman (left) and Gerald Gibson Chairman (right)
    Arundells July 2013

    Volunteers with Peter Batey and Neil Carmichael MP
    Arundells July 2013

    Neil Carmichael and Edward Heath at Leeds City Hall 1994

    More pictures of Arundells can be seen on http://www.arundells.org/