THE MC3 PROJECT has now been completed by The Friends of Arundells in time for the unveiling ceremony on the 15th May 2015.  To view photographs of this event please go to our Gallery page "Sir Ben Ainsley Unveils Morning Cloud 3

    The arrival of the bow section of MC3 at Arundells





    Work on the restoration and display of the "Morning Cloud" bow section continues well, and the unit should be ready to bring over to the mainland by the end of this month.  It is now receiving its final attention with regard to weather proofing, and the fixing of the special cradle.   An inspection and measurements will be taken at Clare Lallows yard on the Isle of Wight before it leaves.  We will be looking for a good number of strong volunteers to help lift its half a ton weight down to the Dell, when the time is right.

    Meanwhile, work on the display area in the Dell is coming on.  The fence has been painted, the shuttering of the dug out area finished, the old pond has been in filled and dressed with a covering of shingle, and the surrounding semi circular wall has been carefully cemented to form a solid seating area.   All the sand is in place and awaits levelling and compacting before the paving slabs are laid in place.   Wording for the Memorial plaque has been agreed and the order placed for is manufacture,   The sign boards should be ready to hang by the end of April.

    May we take this opportunity to sincerely thank all the volunteers who have worked so hard in the preparation of the display site, and we greatly look forward to its completion.



                                                     Morning Cloud (Number Three) on her sea trials

    In September 1974, Sir Edward Heath's "Morning Cloud" (Number Three) was being brought back to the Solent  by a Delivery Crew following the Burnham Week Regatta on the East Coast, when she was hit by dangerous waves  off the Sussex Coast.   Damaged and taking on water, she was abandoned.   Two members of the crew died, Christopher Chadd who was Sir Edward Heath's Godson, and Nigel Cumming.  Ironically, the same  severe weather tore Heath's first "Morning Cloud" off her moorings in Jersey, and she too was wrecked.   

    Many years later, after languishing in a brokers yard, the bow section was bought by Sally Tattersall, now a member of "The Friends", who has generously offered it for permanent loan to the Trustees of the Sir Edward Heath Charitable Foundation, who manage "Arundells" in The Close, Salisbury.   It is planned to put the section on display in a suitable part of the garden, known as "The Dell" and include beside it a memorial in memory of the two crewmen who perished so tragically.   Margaret Chadd, Christopher's mother, has given her whole hearted support to the project, as has his brother Jonathan.

    Giles Ball, Committee Member, Friends of Arundells    

    The bow section of Morning Cloud                                                    In the workshop                                      One side with new varnish, gold stripe,
    (Number 3) ready to be transported                                                                                                                      boottop and antifouling
    to Hythe Marina, Southampton   


    This occasion proved to be a quintessential English Garden Party with bunting, balloons and a variety of delicious cakes and tea with visitors able to bask in the sun and Friends came from afar as Weymouth and Wolverhampton.

    Our visitors received White Star service from our hard working catering team of Ron, Jean, Pauline, Jan, Janice and Sarah.

    Added attractions included: a well stocked book stall run by Bob and Jan; a large variety of collectables including an interesting selection of cricketing memorabilia, run by Pam and husband Richard (on the occasion of their 49th Wedding Anniversary), and Stevie and Alan offered a wide range of quality plants from Aruncus to Agapanthus - which proved a great temptation to our guests.

    During the afternoon, funds were boosted by an auction, which took place by the lily pond, and auctioneer Tony - ably assisted by Michael and Viv - kept the crowd amused, especially the last few items, where bidding was conducted in old money with even a sealed bucket of fresh horse manure of known provenance which fetched 5 Guineas!

    The event raised an amazing £700 which will go towards the Morning Cloud III Bow Section Project.